Why is Dance So Good For You?


Dance makes you move, which burns calories and makes you physically fit. Dance promotes a healthy heart and makes muscles limber, helping to reduce injury and promotes rapid healing. You gain strength and flexibility through repetition. Coordination is developed through patterns and balance. Your brain is challenged to work with your body. The end result is an exercise in both physical and mental harmony.

Donna’s classes help you to achieve at your own pace, whatever your dance experience, fitness level, body size or shape. Even people with specific limitations and health issues find they can enjoy taking part. Donna is careful about correcting posture and movements to protect your body and moves can even be adapted if necessary. Contact Donna for more information

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By Donna

I am a dancer and founder of Pedralta World Fusion Dance. I now teach this unique style and continue to develop new avenues of Improvised World Fusion, with strong Egyptian and Flamenco influences.

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