A sparkling, evocative melting pot of dance, music and digital media, inspired by the ancient silk and spice routes, featuring: Rashani International, Pedralta World Fusion Dance &
Phil Thornton. Following their sell-out show Magic Caravan in Dublin the unique international dance collective Rashani International and Midlands-based duo Pedralta Dance join forces with composer, musician and digital media artist Phil Thornton, for a one-night spectacular.

Tarab evokes “intense emotions, exaltation, a sense of yearning or absorption, feeling of timeless- ness, elation or rapturous delight.” In short, “ecstasy.” Even though the term “tarab” is used primarily in the Arab world, similar concepts are present from Morocco and Spain in the west to Malaysia in the east, and from Kazakhstan in the north to Somalia in the south. Notably these include haal in Persian music and duende in Spanish music.