Host a Pedralta Dance Workshop


We aim to provide safe, fun-filled and informative workshops for people of all ages and levels of fitness. We will always start with a safe warm-up and end with a cool down and gentle stretches.

While DVDs and occasional workshops are great aids to learning, we do not believe that these alone are a safe route into teaching. For this reason Pedralta Dance teachers have training and experience with master teachers, backed up by a fitness teaching qualification.

Please contact us for more information on booking these workshops:

"I'm here to sing the praises of Ms. Duende herself, Donna Gardner. She is a beautiful dancer with a vision and precision in style that is awe inspiring. To me she is THE UK teacher for Tribal Spanish styling and her hands/arms/posture are to die for! Her generosity of spirit and tribal vision pulled together a beautiful world fusion show. Thank you Donna."
Wendy Marlatt

Pedralta World Fusion Workshops

World fusion workshops

Fusion workshops from Pedralta's fusion dance repertoire, including: Flamenco passion, Balkan skirt moves. See more information about our fusion workshops...


ATS workshops

Foundation American Tribal Style (ATS) workshops, including: basic moves, spins and turns, leading, slow moves. See more information about our ATS workshops ...

Absolute Beginners

Absolute beginners workshop

The ideal taster workshop. If you have always fancied having a go, this one is for you. Simple choreographed dance using basic universal moves. See more information about our beginners taster workshops...

Belly Dance Clinic

Belly dance clinic

Design your own workshop to suit your own needs such as: improving arms and hands, spinning technique, performance make up. See more information on our clinic workshops...

Belly dance - Because We Can!

Because we can

Accessible dance workshops suitable for those with limitations and their carers, using EXTEND principles. See more information on our accessible dance workshops...

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