Some of the Health Benefits of Dance

  • Cardiovascular
  • Improves strength & flexibility
  • Stronger bones
  • Improves co-ordination & helps falls prevention
  • Prevents isolation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves confidence, body image and helps weight control

Key Information

  • Qualified, experienced and insured teacher
  • Enhanced CRB checked
  • First Aid Certificate
  • HealthFit recommended (compliant with local PCT standards)
  • RGN
  • Save agency fees; book direct
  • PAT tested equipment
Stregnth, Felxibility, Co-ordination
Strength, Flexibility, Co-ordination

I am a Lichfield-based dance practitioner, offering weekly dance classes that are open to all over 14. A qualified Extend teacher, I also offer one-to-one work with individuals or small groups with particular health needs or disability.

This can be either dance-based or exercise-based, including seated exercise, designed to increase mobility and independence, improve strength, co-ordination and balance.

  • Regular Weekly Dance Classes open to all - free taster sessions
  • Extend workshops and tasters
  • Extend Workshops with a dance element
  • Seated, non-seated or mixed ability participants
  • One-to-one work (falls prevention, etc.)

I am accredited with South Staffordshire NHS PCT HealthFit (see the HealthFit web site), a directory of instructors recognised as being able to deliver activities in support of health and well-being.

Prevents isolation, active, social
Prevents isolation, active, social

I offer any interested health professional a free taster session at my weekly Whittington class at Thomas Spencer Hall, Whittington, Wednesdays 8pm-9pm or Mondays 8-9.30pm Darwin Hall Lichfield.

If you would like further details please email () or feel free to give me a call.

I recently conducted an informal survey of dance participants, and the response was overwhelming. Relief of stress and isolation featured much more than I had realised.


Three years ago I was on medication for severe depression, had no social life and no friends. My doctor suggested I joined a gym where I could meet people and, whilst exercising at the same time, which is noted to help with depression. I joined the gym.... Pedralta Belly Dance classes were advertised on the notice board and plucked up the courage to go along and try it out. It was the best thing that happened to me. Immediately, I was met by Donna and a friendly group of people, who treated me straightaway as part of the group. That was 3 years ago. Now have something to focus on every week and when I feel lonely and down, I know I have my dancing class to look forward to, ........AND FRIENDS.

I cannot thank Donna enough for what the class has done for me. We learn, we have fun and we dance. I also now get exercise which has helped me both physically and mentally, as I wouldn’t otherwise have bothered and am no longer on medication. I would definitely recommend Belly Dance Classes. Jenny of Sutton

Donna is an excellent teacher. She teaches the steps and correct dancer's posture with precision so you can feel that you are getting it right. The classes are really enjoyable and a great way to make good friends. She is also a mesmerizing dancer and Pedralta Dance performances are just lovely to watch. Angela Lane

Since beginning Middle Eastern Dance 5 years ago, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and well-being. Physically, the marked improvement in my posture has reduced the back pain that I had resigned myself to .....The drills and exercises required for advanced moves, have strengthened the muscles & ligaments in my knees, which has helped address a long-term joint condition. I am more reliable at working on these areas through dance than through my physiotherapist's exercises alone! The low impact nature of MED allows me to access exercise that I had abandoned due to the high-impact nature of many of the more traditional fitness classes

I feel more toned, healthy & my dance class allows me to unwind and de-stress. The social element cannot be underestimated, as there is a thriving dance scene both here and abroad, which can be an excellent way of meeting new people ... It is inclusive of all ages & abilities. Struggling to accept my body for many years, I am now happy and more forgiving with myself and others' perception of me" Amanda Tivey

...I have much better awareness of posture but most importantly for me I have much better mental health! & have met some truly lovely people and made some wonderful new friends! You really do get a sense of belonging to an amazing community. Sue Salloway

Laban Research Project

A research project by Hampshire Dance and Laban in 2007 measured the psychological and physical results in a group of 11-14 year olds engaged on a 6 week dance programme and summarised the findings:

"Overall the dance programme had a positive effect on both physical fitness and psychological well being. These findings support what is known anecdotally among dance practitioners and scientifically validate the potential health benefits of creative dance"
The effects of an eight-week creative dance programme on the physiological and psychological status of 11-14 year old adolescents: An experimental study (see full report as a pdf)