Pedralta World Fusion®

What is Pedralta?

/ Pay-dral-tah / noun

1. a UK-based dance company, performing nationally and internationally, specialising in tribal belly dance, Flamenco / Arabic dance fusion, ATS, Egyptian, dance tuition, and media for the arts.

2. the largest natural balanced stone in Europe.

- ORIGIN from Catalan: pedra alta high rock

The Dance

Pedralta Dance

In 2005 I formed a dance partnership Pedralta Dance, with my great friend Lesley Hogg. Pedralta Dance performs a variety of Middle Eastern styles including Tribal Style Belly Dance, based on the FatChance BellyDance format.

We perform, and now teach, our unique tribal fusion style - borrowing heavily from passionate Flamenco and Sevillanas. We also incorporate Saaidi stick moves into our tribal fusion repertoire, mimicking the original male martial art form Tahteeb.

Wherever possible we stay true to the fundamentals of ATS, that is improvised dance, a spontaneous response to the music and to each other.

The High Stone

Pedralta Dance

Just above the Costa Brava (wild coast) at Saint Feliu de Guixols, north of Barcelona, Pedralta (n, Catalan from pedra alta - high stone) is an impressive sight. It’s the largest balanced stone of its kind in Europe. I say balanced but it actually fell in 1996 and had to be carted back up again. The local mayor would rather not remember this. (Sorry Josep)

Pedralta is a magical place, popular with picnickers and local children who hold their exuberant birthday celebrations nearby. While living in Sant Feliu the stone seemed to feature in so much of my life that the name has stayed with me.

It seems very suited to the style of dance that I love so much. It’s a symbol of strength and balance. (Okay - so it fell once, don’t we all? Maybe it’s a metaphor for my life!) It’s also a place where people gather to celebrate or where they sometimes choose to be alone.

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