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Medical and safety advice

Is it safe?

Middle Eastern Dance is known to have many positive effects on health. The gentle undulating moves can be very beneficial for a variety of disorders, for example painful periods, arthritis and back pain. It can also help with mild depression and anxiety and can help relieve stress. It benefits muscle tone, strength and flexibility, and promotes positive body image.

Shimmies are even said to get rid of cellulite!

If in doubt...

Like any exercise it is important to know your own limitations and to work at your optimum level. You also need to be aware of any weak areas that should be treated with extra care. If you have any long-term medical problems or if you are concerned in any way about doing this form of exercise, you should consult your GP for advice.

Always "listen" to your own body. This dance is not competitive and everyone is an individual. It's important to acknowledge how you're feeling before a class. Remember colds and flu can leave muscles weak for some time.

Also please let your teacher know before the class if you have any problems she needs to be aware of. Advise her of any problems that have arisen between classes or any stiffness after a lesson.

Be careful but most of all enjoy!



If you are pregnant, do not do these exercises. MED can be practised during pregnancy, but only with an experienced specialist teacher. Some of the moves are dangerous during pregnancy.


MED is an excellent exercise if you have just had a baby. It improves muscle tone and positive body image. You should have had your 6-week post-natal check before you try this for the first time.

Why do I need to warm up/cool down?

The warm-up section of the class prepares the body for exercise. It consists of movements using the major muscle groups. Large movements of arms and legs, stepping, shifting weight, raising arms above the head. It starts to increase the blood flow around the body, increases the heart rate, makes you breath more deeply and you feel warmer. It also ensures that joints are lubricated and muscles become suppler.

The second part of the warm-up phase concentrates on gentle isolating movements, essential to MED.

The heart rate increases during dancing and this improves circulation and aerobic fitness (you don't get out of breath so easily). It is important return the heart and circulation to normal after exercise and to cool the body down.

Also a good time for a chat!

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