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Dance Techniques

Descriptions and animations of dance moves and techniques.

"Okay, it's not everything - but I can't stress enough how important good posture is to dance and to general health. You can dance the most complicated and artistic choreography in the most original and beautiful costume, but without good posture it will never be a work of art.."

Good posture is everything.

"During any exercise muscles contract and shorten. This improves both strength and tone. It is important to lengthen muscles after exercise so that they do not become shortened. Gentle lengthening and stretching exercises maintain good muscle function and can help to improve general flexibility..."

Stretching is very important.

"In a hip drop the hip is lifted to prepare for the move and then is dropped smartly down until both hips are level again. The emphasis is on the downwards movement on the beat of the music..."

A tutorial on the Hip Drop and Hip Lift

"Correct positioning makes a big difference to your performance. It ensures that you can be seen by your audience and that the sightlines are clear to the lead dancers and to the chorus lead dancer... "

A tutorial on the Positioning for Performance

Safety notes...