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Make up tips for performance - Lips

We are quite often are asked for advice on using make up for performance on a stage, so we created a workshop on costuming and make up. Here are some of the notes from the workshop.

Please feel free to contact Donna for more information about booking her workshop:

When applying make up for a performance, consider whether you’re going to be in natural or stage lighting. How far away will the audience be? Is there a theme for your performance...Gothic, Art Deco, Spanish, North African...?

  1. Lip primer
  2. Lip liner
  3. Lip colour
  4. Blusher
  5. Fixer
Pedralta World Fusion - Tribal Belly dance make up

Step 1 - Lip Primer

Lip primer can help lip colour stay put. Some primers are designed for use around the outer edges of lips to prevent feathering.

I tried Body Shop's but I didn't think it had any effect at all. I've also tried cheaper makes like Rimmel and Boots brands but found they either didn't work or they were drying.

You can take your foundation and powder over your lip line too. This might work for you... My lips get very dry, especially in winter, so I don't do this.

I use:

  • Bare Minerals Prep & Prime

Step 2 - Lip Liner

Use lip liner to define your lips and give them shape. Choose a colour that blends with the lip colour you intend to wear.

I buy them at the same time if I'm choosing a new lip colour.

Try lip liners on the back of your hand. They should be waxy and soft, not crumbly. I have yet to find a propelling pencil type that is soft enough.

Don't go for a darker line of liner, filled in with light lipstick - it's very 80s (I know), and very circus clown.

Choose a soft lip liner and gently go around the lip edges, not outside them. Then blend the line in towards the centre, using the pencil of a lip brush.

I use:

  • llamasqua
  • Rimmel
  • Maybelline

Step 3 - Lip Colour

When choosing a lip colour, don't stick to everyday colours. This is 'stage time'. You need something bold but at the same time making sure the shade still suits you.

For example, if you usually opt for soft coral lip colour, go for a livelier coral - the same tone but bolder.

I like berry red so I usually opt for more of the same, sometimes with a touch of gold in the centre.

At the moment I'm using a lip balm, with lip liner on top. It's crazy - but it works.

MAC colours are great but I found them very drying and crumbly. Clinique lipsticks feel good. Sometimes their colours are a little timid but they have some good shades. Have tried Bare Minerals lip gloss and found it moved around a bit and was "bitty".

Step 4 - Blusher

Blusher balances colour. Apply it to the apples of the cheeks. Smile to find them. I'm using a Boot 17s powder blush at the moment, but will probably change to Bare Minerals when it runs out.

I prefer powder to cream, which tends to feel a bit greasy. Any make will do, match the colour of your cheeks when you blush.

Step 5 - Fixer

No - it''s not the guy that provides the drinks and crisps in the green room.

We have recently discovered a great product that really does fix all your make-up to your face. It resists sweat, stage lights and torrential rain. We have tested it.

  • Ben Nye Final Seal.

Spray your face after applying all make-up (you can't blend after this)

I recently tried Model in a Bottle. It was nowhere near as good.

Pedralta World Fusion - tribal belly dance make up

To remove

Make-up wipes will do in an emergency to remove the excess if you're going for a meal or something after a performance, but it's really important to cleanse well after all this stuff!

Clinique Take the Day Off Balm is a thick, slightly greasy consistency and can be used over the whole face, throat and eyes. It will remove waterproof mascara too.

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Solution feels good on the skin, very efficient cleanser. Will also remove waterproof mascara.

Use a cleansing "soap" and water after both these, followed by a moisturiser.

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